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PETKIT 5-In-1 Active Carbon Mixed Tofu Litter – 7L

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Innovative Super-absorbent Biodegradable And Flushable Active Carbon Tofu Composite Cat Litter

Introducing the PETKIT 5-in-1 Mixed Tofu Litter!

Simply with this innovative and composite tofu litter, mix five elements into a single scoop of cat litter. The tofu litter is made of food-grade soy pulp, making it biodegradable, flushable, and safe to use. Mixing with small particles of bentonite clay, allows you to fill the gaps in the tofu cat litter, making the clumping firmer, and wrap more comprehensively. Activated carbon molecules are added to deodorise more effectively through physical adsorption. The purple and blue functional particles provide constant deodorising and freshness. It also has 2mm diameter granules, preventing litter tracking and controlling the smells effectively. The smaller grain sizes are also soft on your cat’s paws while having fast absorption and being easy to scoop up. This litter is safe to flush down the toilet in small amounts.


Product Highlights:

  • Mixed with 67% tofu & activated carbon molecules , 29% bentonite clay, and 3% functional particles.
  • Super-absorbent, and wraps comprehensively, it lasts longer than normal tofu litter.
  • Minimal dust and fast clumping, easy to scoop.
  • Carbon molecules and functional particles provide constant deodorising and freshness.
  • Non-toxic fragrance allows you and your cat to breathe comfortably.
  • Excellent water and moisture absorption from urine and droppings.
  • Low 11% water content, eliminates excess moisture and mess, prevents mildew and bacterial growth caused by moisture.
  • Gentle on cat paws with 2 mm litter.
  • Minimal dust with 55° hardness.
  • Disposable in a single flush.



1. Lay a 5 to 8cm thick layer of Active Carbon Mixed Tofu Litter in the cat toilet.
2. Ensure the cat toilet is away from moisture!
3. Try to clean the litter at least once a day.
4. Regularly refill the cat litter to ensure the 5 to 8cm thickness of litter in the cat toilet.
5. Replacing new litter once a week is recommended.


Ingredients: Bean dregs, Bentonite clay, Starch, Corn powder, Activated carbon, Purple deodorant, Turquoise plant ingredients.

Size: 7L (3.6KG Per Bag)


Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 7.5 × 20 cm

12L, 18L, 36L, 6L


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