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Purrrrfect Meowricle Cat Litter Box that turns poop to poof FAST!

The self-cleaning cat litter box


Limited Stocks Only

Feeling overwhelmed in attending to your cat litter needs? Juggling your worries, thoughts, and time between work and being a fur parent? 

Are you getting tired of manually scooping your cat’s litter over and over again just to see…a new one?

You are not alone. Other cat owners feel the same way.

You go home from work, fatigued, tired and sleepy but your adorable fur ball of sunshine greets you as you step inside your house and showers you with kisses and hisses. Both of you are exchanging cuddles 

But… you snap your eyes open and you smell it… Your cat pooped and you know you won’t be having that good night sleep with the smell punching your nose.

Especially if you have multiple cats, it could be too much work. It has to be scooped EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and the crystals lasted 2 days. At that point, it stunk up your entire home. Oh wait…it’s not just EVERY.SINGLE.DAY


Most of the time that you don’t spend on your cat, you spend on cleaning their poop

If only there’s something that could meowgically turn POOP into POOF for you to…

SAVE more time


CONVENIENTLY cleans the litter by itself

AUTOMATICALLY make your home smell pleasant and cozy without you getting out of bed

We want to give you a customized and revolutionary power to take care of your fur baby and your home with JUST A TAP because you deserve all the convenience after a long rough day at work. 

 We know that shopping for a high-quality litter box could be such a pain in the paw! 

You’ve already tried different…

Cat Litter Boxes that open or close, Scented and Unscented Sands, Deodorizing sprays, bottles, and many more!

The time, money, and effort it takes is just so frustrating because nothing’s working!

Everything you spent cleaning your buddy’s doo-doo is a never-ending cycle that takes paw-fully long! 

After all that scooping, mopping, and spraying… the smell still lingers to bother you and your best friend! 

Imagine your cat’s poop meow-gically disappearing and your home meow-raculously smelling pleasant without you lifting a single finger. 

Cleaning a cat litter has never been this easy!

Watch PETKIT do its magic!

PETKIT PURA MAX is the ground-breaking self-cleaning cat litter that provides convenience and customization based on your schedule and your pet’s lifestyle! 

You don’t have to worry about your cats again when you’re away.

Hurry! Limited Stocks available! avail it now at 20% discount

Reminders and alerts effortlessly slide to your notifications.

The cylinder is designed with a spacious interior that is great for CATS OF ALL SIZES. The waste bin is equipped with EXTRA-LARGE capacity that could store up to A WEEK of 3 CATS and a kitten – worth of poop.  

This means fewer times to throw away the trash bag. It is perfect for multi-cat families.

Pre-order today to put your hands on this poop-shattering machine to make your home a little more homey and fresh. Fur parents have been talking and raving about this because this is an upgrade from PURA X to PURAMAX!

Imagine if PURA X is already “good”, then PURAMAX is LIFE-CHANGING!

With PURAMAX you will be purr-ranteed:

  • Expertly designed filter that’s compatible with all kinds of clumping cat litter, may it be Clay, Tofu, Mixed and more unlike other litter boxes so you can save more money
  • The odor removal device keeps the air in your home fresh and clean for your most-awaited good night sleep to finally happen
  • No more waking up in the middle of the night because of the pungent odor
  • R&D air spray contains purifying liquid that automatically and effectively removes the odor so you can always return to an odorless home 
  • The waste container is sealed preventing foul scents from escaping and mix with the spray so you won’t smell a thing as if your cat didn’t poop at all
  • xSecure consists of thermal and infrared sensors, remote alerts, accident protection system and smart detectors. You never have to worry when your cat is using PURA MAX whenever or wherever. 
  • The smart sensors track your cat’s weight, toilet duration, number of visits to the litter box and the remaining capacity of the cat litter.
  • You can keep an eye on your cat’s health at all times and aid the prevention of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (the number 1 cause of cat owners’ visit to the vets) and other diseases,  BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

What are the inclusions?

The main differences between PURA X and PURA MAX:

  1. The size, dimensions and capacity of PURA MAX are perfect for large breeds of cats. Simply put, there is more room with PURA MAX which is convenient for both small and large breeds and it guarantees more room for movement and maneuver for your cats.
  2. The structure is designed for better user experiences. 
  3. The cleaning cycle is optimized to reduce the need for manual cleaning and it is super time-saving.
  4. Pura Max has a better anti-pinch system as it is practically pressure-sensitive all over the cylinder whereas PURA X is equipped with a beam sensor protection which means with PURA X, there is a higher tendency that the anti-pinch may not work especially if these sensors malfunction.
  5. PURA MAX is designed with a detachable cylinder filter made from TPE rubber material, this type of material enables cat litter boxes to reduce or even eliminate soft sticky poop. Compared to PURA X which has a standard rubber made detachable cylinder filter, TPE material has better non-stick capability compared to the regular rubber and is even more washable.
  6. PURA MAX is equipped with a Sealed Container, thereby eliminating any foul odour from escaping, while PURA X isn’t equipped with one at all.
  7. The deodorizer is strategically located in the cylinder itself so it actually deodorizes the entire cylinder for PURA MAX. As for PURA X, the deodorizer is placed only in the waste receptacle leaving the cylinder vulnerable to remnants of the cat odour.

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