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Smart life begins with PetKit

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Giving pets timely care at home becomes a big problem in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, where individuals frequently find themselves working overtime, traveling, or taking vacations.       

This problem finds its ideal answer in the Smart Feeder, which guarantees accurate and consistent feeding for your pets. This provides your pets with the convenience of wise pet care while also preventing health problems and allaying many of your worries.

In the realm of intelligent pet products, PetKit stands out as a key player. Established in 2013, PetKit is a globally acknowledged technology-driven firm within the pet industry. Functioning as a professional global marketing company, it boasts an award-winning design team specializing in the creation of smart products, interconnected apps, and backend services. At the heart of PetKit’s design philosophy lies a focus on the “user experience,” aiming to craft products that genuinely resonate with customers.

Committed to delivering cutting-edge products and exceptional services to pet enthusiasts, PetKit Australia is devoted to seamlessly integrating high technology into the pet industry. This commitment extends to robust after-sales services and top-notch technical support. The company’s dedication to providing a comprehensive user experience is reflected in its pursuit of creating goods that customers would truly value.

Introducing two new intelligent feeders from PetKit: the PetKit YumShare Dual-Hopper with Camera and the PetKit YumShare Solo with Camera.

It can be quite stressful to worry about whether your pet is eating appropriately during the times you are gone and unable to monitor their activity. With its synchronized feeding mechanisms and cameras, PetKit YumShare Camera intelligent feeders offer a unique perspective for both your pets and the food bowl. This invention records every move your pets make while they eat, capturing precious moments. With the help of this feature, pet owners may go about their days without worrying about their animals while they dine. In addition to this update, a number of other features have been improved; let’s now investigate these additional features!

Remote control via the mobile app for visible feeding

By connecting to the PetKit app on your smartphone, you can remotely access the feeder’s camera with a 140° super wide-angle lens, ensuring a dedicated spot for your pets to eat. This video function records each adorable eating moment, offering a truly heartwarming experience.

  • Visible grain dispensing for each meal.
  • Visible eating experience for observing your pets’ adorable eating behaviors up close.
  • Visible activities to capture playful and charming moments.
  • Visible residue to prevent accumulation and reduce waste.

A 24-hour live streaming room offers the convenience of connecting with your pets, enabling you to capture screenshots or record videos at any time. The camera provides easy on/off functionality, with the added feature of customizable detection time periods. Tailor the detection schedule to align with your daily routine—activate it when you leave for work and deactivate upon your return—ensuring you stay connected with your furry companions while maintaining peace of mind.

Enhanced by infrared night vision, the camera ensures clear visibility of your pets’ nighttime activities, even in complete darkness. Seamlessly integrate with the PetKit app to personalize settings, remotely adjust feeding plans, and receive thoughtful reminders, streamlining your smart pet care experience. This connectivity not only brings convenience but also allows you to stay actively involved in your pets’ well-being, all through the ease of your mobile device.

Ensuring a smooth grain dispensing process for each meal, the feeders boast an anti-clog grain design. 

This design is suitable for main and supplementary foods with side lengths/diameters of 12mm or less and cylindrical diameters of 9mm or less. It ensures smooth dispensing every time with a variety of freeze-dried and dry foods.

The multiple “Lock-Fresh” designs guarantee a fresh meal every time.

The integrated seal of the cover effectively keeps out air and reduces food oxidation. The hidden grain outlet quickly resets after dispensing to maximize freshness, and the storage bin has a desiccant chamber for intermittent moisture removal.

The quick-detachable and easy-to-clean design leaves no residues behind, ensuring a clean eating experience.

Owners’ concerns regarding the hygiene of their pets’ food are allayed by the smartly built construction, which even permits the hidden grain exit and impeller to be dismantled for cleaning. 

The visible quality details

For improved rinsing, grease stickiness is reduced by non-stick coatings, like the one on 304 stainless steel outer coating. A single push of the manual feeding reward feature can improve engagement. By providing stability, the four non-slip foot pads reduce the chance of tipping. Pets or young children cannot inadvertently activate the safety lock on the top cover.

The PetKit YumShare Dual-Hopper with Camera and the PetKit YumShare Solo with Camera Feeder primarily differ in their capacity sizes.

The Dual-Hopper feeder is an innovative dual-chamber integrated machine designed to dispense both main and supplementary foods simultaneously. Equipped with a self-developed dual-chamber separation and grain retrieval system, it enables independent storage, thereby extending the freshness period of the stored food. The implementation of a dual-chamber feeding plan accommodates a more diverse feeding scenario.

The small chamber is specifically designed for freeze-dried food, while the large chamber is reserved for the main food, allowing for flexible scheduling of feeding times and portions, resulting in a more varied and satisfying taste experience. With a generous 5L capacity, the grain bucket ensures sufficient storage for one adult cat for an entire month, providing peace of mind during business trips or vacations. This feature guarantees that you can enjoy your time away without worrying about your beloved pets going hungry.

While the PetKit YumShare SOLO Feeder has a 3L grain bucket capacity, it is made with a single chamber design. This size is better suited for homes with only one cute pet because it can feed one adult cat for up to 30 days.

The introduction of the PetKit Feeder Visual Edition is a big step in the direction of a pet care future that is more convenient and smarter. You will learn more about this product and be able to provide your dogs the best possible intelligent care by reading this blog post.

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