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A Scientific Approach to Pets’ Healthier Eating

Petkit Nano Fresh Series

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Pet feeding bowls are essential to pet care because they give our furry friends a comfortable and healthy environment in addition to a way to give them food. Adjustable feeding bowls are particularly important as they accommodate pets of different sizes and eating habits, allowing for customised feeding experiences. Especially for larger or older pets, these bowls are essential for maintaining good posture during mealtimes and avoiding strain on the neck and spine.

Pet feeding bowls help in portion control, encouraging wholesome eating practices and avoiding excessive consumption or problems associated with obesity. Pet owners can make sure their furry friends eat in a cosy, secure, and caring setting by making using the proper feeding dishes their top priority.

How to choose the correct feeding bowl for your pet?

Selecting the ideal pet food bowl is important for the well-being and care of your four-legged friend. Several important considerations should be taken note of when choosing the perfect food bowl for your pet:


Select a bowl made up of non-toxic, safe materials like ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic that doesn’t contain BPA (Bisphenol A). While ceramic bowls provide stability and come in a variety of designs, stainless steel bowls are robust, simple to clean, and resistant to bacteria.

Size and Capacity 

Consider your pet’s size and eating habits when determining the appropriate bowl size. Smaller pets could need shallower bowls to more readily access their food, while larger breeds might need bowls with a wider base to prevent tipping.

Ease of Cleaning

For your pet’s food and water dishes to stay hygienic, use feeding bowls that are simple to keep clean. For pet owners, dishwasher safety and resistance to bacteria make stainless steel and ceramic bowls practical options.

Non-Skid Base

To minimise sliding and tipping during mealtimes, look for bowls with rubber bottoms or non-skid bases that will give your pet stability as they eat or drink.

Special Considerations

Take into consideration any specific needs that your pet could have, such as slow-feed bowls to discourage repeated feeding and lower the chance of digestive problems or elevated feeders for elderly pets or those with arthritis.

You may choose the ideal feeding bowl that supports your pet’s comfort, wellbeing, and enjoyment at mealtimes by taking these factors into account.

Introducing the Petkit Fresh Nano 15°

Engineered with precision, Petkit Fresh Nano 15° features an adjustable feeding bowl that tilts at 15°, promoting better posture and digestion for your beloved pet. Mealtimes become cosy and pleasurable with Petkit Pet Feeding Bowls, making sure the wellbeing and good health of your beloved companion.

Promoting Healthy Eating with Petkit Fresh Nano 15°

Teaching pets to eat healthily is essential to their general wellbeing. Pets who eat with good posture support their gut health and lower their risk of pain or digestive problems. Pets can eat with proper posture and excellent eating habits thanks to the adjustable feeding dish on the Petkit Fresh Nano. With a 15° tilt, these pet feeding bowls allow pets to eat at a comfortable position, reducing the risk of strain on their necks and spines. By ensuring that pets enjoy their meals and maintain good health, the Petkit Fresh Nano supports pets’ healthy eating habits.

15° Adjustable Feeding Bowl

It has been proven by science that the Petkit Fresh Nano’s adjustable feeding bowls with a 15° tilt improve digestion by encouraging pets to eat while sitting up properly. This lowers the chance of pain or digestive problems by encouraging healthy feeding habits and excellent posture in pets. The Petkit Fresh Nano’s angled design reduces pressure on the necks of flat-faced cats, making feeding more comfortable. Petkit prioritises the health and happiness of our animal friends by providing them with adjustable feeding bowls that make mealtimes fun and healthy.

Double Bowl Design

The Petkit Fresh Nano’s elevated double bowl design makes it the ideal height for cats and small dogs to sit at mealtime, promoting healthy digestion. Pets may eat comfortably and without putting excessive pressure on their necks or backs thanks to this design. Particularly for cats with flat faces, such as Persians, British Shorthairs, Himalayans, and Scottish Folds, the raised bowls make mealtimes less stressful. These breeds can now peacefully enjoy their meals without strain or discomfort on their delicate face structures thanks to the Petkit Fresh Nano.

Transparent and Oblique Glass Bowl

The Petkit Fresh Nano’s transparent glass bowl has a wide, angled rim that was intentionally designed to reduce food spills while improving feeding. Pet owners can simply keep an eye on their pet’s food levels and reduce mess during mealtimes with this clever design. Pets can eat from the wide rim, which offers a sturdy surface, making mealtimes pleasant and comfortable for both animal companions and their owners.

Material & Durability

Your pets’ safety during a meal can be ensured by the non-toxic, safe materials used in the construction of the Petkit Fresh Nano’s bowl rack. These environmentally friendly feeding bowls use materials free of dangerous materials because your pet’s health is their top priority. Pet owners will find the bowl rack to be a useful option because it is also quite durable and simple to clean. The Petkit Fresh Nano improves your pet’s eating experience while providing peace of mind because of its robust design and simple maintenance.

Introducing the Petkit Nano Fresh series: 

PETKIT FRESH NANO- 15° Adjustable Feeding Bowl – Double

Ideal for households with multiple pets or for offering food and water simultaneously, the double bowl variant of Petkit Nano Fresh ensures convenient feeding for your furry companions.

PETKIT FRESH NANO- 15° Adjustable Feeding Bowl – Double

PETKIT FRESH NANO-15° Adjustable Feeding Bowl -Single

Perfect for individual pet feeding needs, the single bowl variant of Petkit Nano Fresh offers simplicity and functionality, promoting healthy eating habits for your pet.

Petkit Fresh Nano 15 Single

PETKIT FRESH NANO- 15° Adjustable Feeding Metal Dual Bowl 

Crafted for durability and style, the metal dual bowl variant of Petkit Nano Fresh provides a sleek and modern feeding solution, suitable for pets of all sizes.

Choosing the right feeding bowl for your pet is essential for responsible pet ownership. With the Petkit Fresh Nano series, you can ensure your furry friend enjoys mealtime comfortably and stylishly while fostering healthy eating habits. Whether you need adjustable bowls or elevated designs, Petkit offers options to suit your pet’s needs and improve their well-being. Invest in Petkit Fresh Nano today to transform mealtime into a delightful experience for your beloved pet, providing them with the comfort, safety, and convenience they deserve, and witnessing them thrive with each nourishing meal.

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