PETKIT EVERSWEET Water Fountain Filter For Eversweet 5Pk


Essential Replacement For PETKIT EVERSWEET 2s, 3 and SOLO Waterfountain.

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The PETKIT EVERSWEET Filter Unit, aims to improve the filtration function of your water fountain. For instance, the double filtering system, together with the Fountain Filter, helps to filter out pet hair, as well as most other impurities. The filter aims to give your pet cleaner and softer water.

This filtering pack is the additional replacement filter, compatible with your PETKIT EVERSWEET 2, EVERSWEET 3 and EVERSWEET SOLO water fountain.

Product Highlights:

  • Double filtering system.
  • Uses a High-density micro-pore filter.
  • Double filtering technology helps to improve its filtering performance.
  • Durable, it lasts for approximately 1 month when used in Normal Mode and about two months in Smart Mode.

Attention: Please soak the new filter for at least 10 minutes in clean water before installing. After replacing the filter, reset the device.

Package included: 1 x PETKIT Fountain Filters.

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Additional information

Weight0.338 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 6 cm


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