PETKIT EVERSWEET 2S- Smart Pet Drinking Fountain -2L


Newly Upgraded Smart Pet Water Fountain with Auto Shut-Off Pump, LED Indicator Light, Water Level Window.

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PETKIT EVERSWEET 2S- Smart Drinking Fountain 2L is the second generation of the PETKIT smart water fountain. Born out of a mission to improve demineralisation, purification and encouraging your pets to drink more, the newly upgraded Petkit- Eversweet 2S will not only focus on digging deeper into safety and convenience but also aims to bring a better water feeding experience to your pet family.


Product Highlights:

  • Circulated Filtration System creates a source of freshwater: Features include a constant circulation in a W-shaped route through the screen of the tray, microscopic hole cotton strainer, activated carbon filter, and an ion exchange resin.
  • Upgraded filter: Doubled volume of effective filter materials in the purolite ion exchange resin, and coconut shell based activated carbon.
  • 360° Water Flow: W-shaped water flow ensures constant and total filtration. Water is fully purified.
  • Continual Water Circulation: To satisfy your pet’s requirement for freshwater, we provide unique water spouting, just like a mountain spring.
  • Smart Mode Switch: Switch between normal and smart modes. The smart mode will switch automatically between day and night cycles.
  • Improved Pump: The newly upgraded ultra-silence pump is replaceable, so it is easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.


Package Included:

Eversweet 2S x 1
Eversweet 2S filter x 1
Eversweet 2S filter tray x 1
Eversweet 2S Water Pump Foam Filter x 1
Eversweet 2S USB cord x 1



Additional information

Weight1.7 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 17 cm


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