PETKIT Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover


Handy Pet Hair Remover.

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This PETKIT Lint Roller, is not just perfect for pet hair removal, but it’s also ideal for storage, and replaces easily. Living with your four-legged friends, hairs can be quite challenging sometimes, but the PETKIT Lint Roller is here for you. The Lint Roller is practical and functional; for instance, its magic stick tape will collect pet hairs, dirt, dust, and other debris to free you from all those worries. Safe to use on delicate clothing and upholstery, the spread rolls can be stored in an enclosed case to keep it clean, and out of sight.

Product Highlights:

  • Innovative Retractable Handle: Press the end of the handle and the Lint Roller will pop up. Easy to use and store.
  • Integrated Design: The integrated design is easily stored and can effectively reduce dust and remove hairs.
  • Easy-to-Peel Sheets: This Lint Roller with diagonal cuts makes it easy to tear off used sheets and produce less waste.

Product Description:
Storage box: PS Main body: ABS
Storage Box: 22x 12 x8 cm
Hair remover Paper: 10 x4.75 cm / 60 pcs Per Roll

Packages Included: 1xHair remover brush with one roller paper(60 pcs paper)




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Weight0.80 kg
Dimensions24.5 × 13.20 × 9.90 cm


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