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PETKIT Active Carbon Tofu Litter – 36L

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Biodegradable And Flushable Active Carbon Tofu Cat Litter

This PETKIT Active Carbon Tofu Litter is totally environmentally friendly, low-dust and absorbs within a blink. Made of food-grade raw material, such as bean dregs, starch and corn powder, this cat litter is biodegradable and flushable. Activated carbon molecules have been added to deodorise more efficiently through physical adsorption. This PETKIT tofu litter has 2mm diameter granules, which prevents litter tracking and controls the smells effectively. The smaller grain size is also soft on your cat’s paws and has fast absorption while being easy to scoop up.


Product Highlights:

  • Contains activated carbons for increased deodorisation.
  • Fast absorption and clumps in 1.5 seconds, easy to scoop.
  • Low 11% water content, eliminating excess moisture and mess.
  • 2mm litter is soft on your cat’s paws.
  • Minimal dust with 55° hardness.
  • Disposable in a flush.



1. Lay a 5 to 8cm thick layer of Active Carbon Tofu Litter in the cat toilet.
2. Ensure the cat toilet is away from moisture!
3. Try to clean the litter at least once a day.
4. Regularly refill the cat litter to ensure the 5 to 8cm thickness of litter in the cat toilet.
5. Replacing new litter once a week is recommended.


Ingredients: Bean dregs, Starch, Corn powder, Activated carbon

Size: 6L


Weight 16.2 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 7.5 × 20 cm

12L, 18L, 36L, 6L

1 review for PETKIT Active Carbon Tofu Litter – 36L

  1. Zoe

    This litter has amazing odour control, best of any litter I’ve used. Clumps extremely well and is easy to scoop, even when they pee in the corner of the tray the clump just peels up like playdoh and doesnt break up when sticking to sides of tray. I don’t recommend using with a liner as it does stick to that making it annoying to scoop up No dust tracking, just the bits flicked out the tray by my enthusiastic digger. Only knocked off a star for the cost as it is quite pricey compared to alternatives. 2 bags lasted me a week with 4 cats (2 separate trays) but i also still using wood pellets in an additional 2 trays at same time. Side by side cost comparison of pellets vs this tofu litter i find the tofu better for longer term odour control – literally as fresh on day 7 as day 1, they are equal in terms of easy of scoop (i use sifting tray on pellets) but the pellets come out on top for the hip pocket by a long shot. 15kg bag of pellets costs less than the 2 bags tofu but the pellet bag lasts me two months vs 1 week for the tofu bags. If you need flushable i highly recommend this litter, but if economical buy is your only concern cant beat the wood pellets

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