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PETKIT Villa Cat Litter Box – White


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Ventilated Semi-Enclosed Cat Litter Box with Litter Scoop, Low Entry, LED Light

All cats love to explore nooks and crannies. The grated corridor design of the PETKIT Villa Cat Litter Box, gives your cat a sense of security, as well as a little adventure whenever it needs to use the potty. Featuring a clean but stylish design, this Villa box will also act as a stylish piece of furniture for your home. We highly recommend using this in conjunction with the PURA Smart Odour Eliminator. It will spray a deodorising mist to purify the air and eliminate bacteria. Suitable for cats up to 8kg.

Product Highlights:

Touch light
The light turns on while the door opens up, an easy indication to the owner when its time for a cleanup.

Grated corridor
Perfect design to catch litter falls through the grate, keeping the area tidy. When the cat is entering or exiting the litter box, the litter falls through the grate to the catchment basin below, keeping the rest of the house clean.

Induction deodoriser
The top panel reserves a smart odour eliminator interface slot, that comes with an infrared sensor. After the cat enters or exits, it will spray a deodorising mist to purify the air and eliminate bacteria.

Compartmental design is easy to clean.
The compartmental structure is designed to come apart, so that you can easily clean the bottom sand basin and tray.

An average-sized cat will only occupy approximately 65% of the total surface area, making it easy for your cat to turn around. Suitable for cats up to 8kg.


Materials: Plastic, ABS Rated
Weight: 5.45kg

How To Install The PETKIT Villa Cat Litter Box


Weight 5.45 kg
Dimensions 61 × 29 × 57 cm

1 review for PETKIT Villa Cat Litter Box – White

  1. Keeley

    A perfectly-retained litter box not only can help a cat remain mentally and bodily wholesome, but In addition,
    it will allow our feline companions to remain considering working
    with it for undertaking their “organization”.
    In any other case, they could opt for a cleaner location of your house which
    may or may not include a litter box

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