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PETKIT PURA X Automated Self-Clean Cat Litter Box

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The Next-Generation Automated Self-Clean Cat Litter Box

Give new meaning to “Kitty’s Business”!

The PETKIT PURA X Self-clean Cat Litter Box, will change the way you clean up after your pet. Intuitive smart functions and sophisticated styling, creates a blend of functions and forms. With the all-new self-cleaning ability, you’ll never have to get your hands dirty again!

Can be used with natural plant litter, bentonite litter, or a combination of both.
A specially designed filter ensures maximum compatibility with a wide variety of litter mixes.

xSecure six-layer protection
With 12 high-precision sensors and real-time motion detection, your kitty will be perfectly safe using this product.

Automatic deodorisation & anti-bacterial function
The automatic odour removal function, sprays immediately after your kitty has finished his or her business, meaning your house will stay odour free, even when you’re not at home. Removing odours and aldehydes, sterilises and helps protect against influenza (H1Na).

Smart Remote Control
The PURA X can be remotely controlled via the PETKIT app, which can also provide real-time information. You can relax, knowing that the PURA X has your kitty’s back.

Real-time notification
Use the App to get real-time information and notifications about your cat’s weight, as well as when and how often your cat is using the product.

Flat upper cover
The flat upper cover allows your kitty to take a nap when the product is not being used.



– Device size: 504mm x532mm x646mm
– Internal size: 459mm x 420mm
– Materials: ABS
– Connections: 2.4GHz WiFi + Bluetooth
– Recommended Cat litter: 5L


Packages Included:
– PURA X Automated Litter Box x 1
– PURA X Top Cover x1
– AC Adapter x1
– Litter Clean Mat x1
– Purification Liquid x1
– Waste Bag Refill x1


Introducing the PETKIT PURA X Automated Self-Clean Cat Litter Box

How To Unbox Your PETKIT PURA X

How to Connect Your PURA X With PETKIT APP

How To Clean the PURA X

Weight 16.8 kg
Dimensions 56 × 57 × 75 cm

4 reviews for PETKIT PURA X Automated Self-Clean Cat Litter Box

  1. Tracey

    Best thing ever. So easy to use, super quiet, weighs my cats, and tells me when they’ve used it and for how long. Brilliant and very affordable compared to others on the market. In my opinion, its better than the others.

  2. Charlie (verified owner)

    We’ve had this for a few months now and it’s the best purchase I’ve made! We have 2 cats and at first they were skeptical but were used to it within a couple of days. No more smelly cat litter! Would 100% recommend. Yes it’s a pricey but not having to scoop litter everyday is worth it. You also don’t have to change the litter as often or ever really as it is sifting and airing the current litter after each use. Have only needed to top up the current litter a small amount in 1 month.

  3. Jenna

    I love everything about the pura x except the size. My cats are 6kg and every few days I need to clean up pee all over the floor because there isn’t enough room inside for them to easily get fully inside the box. If it was a few cms deeper there wouldn’t be a problem. Other automatic boxes have larger openings and more space inside. If petkit made a deeper version with a slightly bigger opening, they would probably get more customers.

  4. Karen

    Love this unit. Cat took to it immediately. Even though the first one was faulty customer service was terrific and we soon had a replacement. No more catty smell.So easy to empty

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